Silva Arts makes individual bracelets and necklaces with high quality glass beads and pendants inspired by many cultures around the world.

The carefully selected elements are combined by Silva Arts with perfect craftsmanship to create unique pieces of jewellery.

The Collections 2023

Bracelet from the Luxury Collection by Silva Arts

Luxury – Mykonos Style

Bracelets with unusual glass beads

Selection of bracelets from the Luxury collection

Bracelet from the Queen Collection by Silva Arts

Queen – Santorini Style

Bracelets with special glass beads

Selection of bracelets from the Queen collection

Bracelet from the Hero Collection by Silva Arts

Hero – bracelets of the Men's Collection

Selection of bracelets from the Hero collection

Necklace from the Lady Collection by Silva Arts

Lady – Aegean Style

Necklaces in perfection

Selection of necklaces from the Lady collection

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